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Pregnancy & Parenting Workshops

Starfish Lane Kids, together with Pampers Nappies and nine partners, have organised a non-profit, full-day parenting conference for new and expectant parents called "Pregnancy & Parenting Workshops”.  WHY? Because when you know better, you do better. It's important to stay passionate about parenting. Fathers should come, listen and learn so they, too, are fully equipped for the next chapter together.

Eight of Doha’s local experts  (paediatricians, obgyns, women who run pre-natal birth classes, paediatric & maternal nurses, pre & post-natal care and breastfeeding experts, wellness coaches & doulas, women who are specialised in babies and maternal matters) are keen to have the chance to meet with and present to prospective and new parents.

1. This is the planned program:

Morning Session
9am - 12pm
Afternoon Session
12:30 - 3:30pm
Parenting babies - 12m

 Healthy Mom = Healthy Baby: What to Eat

Speaker: / Dina Labuschagne (FetoMaternal Clinic)

(20 mins, 10 mins Q&A. Total 30 mins)

 Why is my Newborn Baby Crying?

 Speaker: Amber Smith (University of Calgary)

 (40 mins, 20 mins Q&A. Total 60 mins)

 Natural Birth – Doctor’s Word 

Speaker: Dr Black (OBGYN)

(40 mins, 20 mins Q &A. Total 60 mins)

(BREAK 10 minutes)


 Understanding the Science of your Baby’s Sleep.

 Speaker: Dr Renu Angwin (Paed - TIMC).

 (30 mins, 10 mins Q&A. Total 40 mins)

(BREAK 10 minutes)

 Womb to World Transition 

Speaker: Charlene Brodie

(20 mins, 10 mins Q&A. Total 30 mins)

Top 10 Tips for Transitioning into Parenthood – New Mother & Father’s Roles and Expectations, Post Natal Depression signs etc. 

Speaker: Anahi Brown (Out of the Blues)

(30 mins)

 Breastfeeding: Ideals versus Reality

Speaker: Sheila Herrndorf 

(30 mins, 10 mins Q&A. Total 40 mins)

 Baby’s Milestones: for the First Year.

Speaker: Carole McGuinnes (Child Development Center)

(30 mins, 10 mins Q&A. Total 40 mins)

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

We will have at least 15-20 mins of Q&A after each talk, so parents can have their questions answered by an expert, face to face.

2 Event Details:

The event will be held at the Warwick Hotel in Doha (Al Rayyan Road, near Sports Roundabout) on March 4, from 8:30am – 4pm.  

Price: Q125 per session (Fathers Q50) or Q175 for both sessions (Fathers FREE!!).

Registration & Coffee 8:30am

Pregnancy Session from 9am - 12pm

Registration & Lunch 12 - 12:30pm

Parenting Session 12:30 - 3:30pm

Young babies (under 12 months) are welcome to this event. However, if your baby starts to fuss and make a noise, you will be expected to leave the room so as not to disturb the speaker and other parents. Strollers and prams will be parked in a separate room because of space issues. We do encourage you to bring fathers / husbands to the afternoon session. It will be non-profit event, we want as many parents to participate. 

We are so grateful to our sponsors, Pampers and Starfish Lane Kids. We are grateful to our speakers for sharing their expertise and knowledge.

Our goal is to make this an annual event, every year in early March as part of our CSR. In November 2017, our hope is to hold a similar parent education workshop event, but half day only, on “TODDLER TIME”.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

We are hosting this non-profit "P&P" event as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and community service to the parents of Doha. We are passionate about parent education and we believe that parent education can change lives, build strong families and communities. Our goal is to connect the experts in Doha with the local and expat population as they raise their babies and children in a foreign land, with all the inherent challenges and rewards.

4. Partnering with / Co- Sponsoring / Presenting for Starfish Lane Kids Pregnancy & Parenting Workshops:

In future we are keen to partner with experts (speakers), any baby brands, retailers or experts who have an interest in community service and parent education relating to these topics. Please send an email to if you wish to contribute in the future.

5. Who we are:

Starfish Lane Kids is Doha’s biggest and most popular nursery. We have been in Doha for 10 years and have been awarded “Outstanding Childcare Provider” by the Ministry of Social Affairs (2015). Over a thousand happy babies and children have grown, learned, played and developed with us. We have worked hard to establish an excellent reputation here in Doha and have opened another beautiful and successful branch in Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi. Within the next month, we hope to open Starfish Lane Kids 4 in Ain Khaled, Doha.

6. Our Partners:

7. First Event:

This is the first event of its kind in Doha. I believe we will have great success and we are dependent on mums spreading the word and telling their friends to join them as they register for this event. We will do the same event again in 2018, so more parents can benefit. Please share this event with your friends!

8. Registrations & Payment:

SOLD OUT. So sorry!! We have started a waiting list. Please register anyway, and we will let you know by SMS or email if someone has cancelled  - so you have a place. 

You can register for ONE session or BOTH sessions. FATHERS ARE WELCOME TO BOTH SESSIONS and are FREE if their wife is fully paid up. Please fill out this form below. Your seat / place is only final once we have received your payment.  You have 3 options to pay. First, via Eventbrite and Paypal. You will be charged in Australian Dollars plus a 4% fee is charged by Paypal. If you attend both sessions, you will need to bring Q50 cash (as Paypal will only charge Q125) Second, pay in Cash (exact amount) at one of our 3 nurseries. Third: please deposit into Starfish Lane Kids bank account. Bank details will be in the "reply letter" when you submit the form below. Everyone must complete this form below and pay to be registered. Call 33389751 if you have a problem. CANCELLATIONS: Unfortunately, we can't refund a cancellation within 7 days of the event, UNLESS your baby arrived early, then we will refund you :-) Send a pic! 

Full Name:
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Mobile Number:
Your Nationality/ies:
Which Session will you attend:
I would like to bring my husband with me (he's welcome to both :-)
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