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Classrooms & Indoor Spaces

Starfish Lane is a modern, bright and spacious nursery, which has been carefully designed to provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for parents and children. With purpose built classrooms, play halls, libraries, kids in the kitchen and many other unique features, it's a place you have to visit to fully appreciate.

All our nurseries have seven, big, clean, fresh and sun-filled classrooms. Each class is managed by a teacher and her assistant staff. The classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate, top-of-the-range furnishings from Europe, America and Australia. This is to ensure a safe, challenging and fun learning experience for your child: every hour, every day.

Shhhhh, we're sleeping…

Did you know that we have a dedicated “Shhhhh, we’re sleeping” room at each nursery? Wooden cots and imported baby beds allow comfortable rest times in darkened quiet rooms. Sleep is so important to re-charge childrens’ brain’s battery, helping to process and store all the new sensory input from classroom time. We want our babies and toddlers well rested and in the calm-alert / active-alert stage for optimal growing and learning at Starfish Lane Kids.

Starfish Cove…

Exercise is critical for little bodies to grow and develop and at Starfish Lane Kids, we work on their mobility, stability, co-ordination and ball skills to encourage a lifelong love of sport and exercise. Living in the Middle-East brings some sizzling summer temperatures, which forces us indoors. We “beat the heat” with our air-conditioned “Starfish Cove” – a spacious, indoor playground. At each Starfish Lane Kids nursery, we use this huge space for children to do Playball, Zumba, play active games, free play, run, cycle and climb. Classes rotate so there is enough running space for your children to get their heart-rates up and generate lovely rosy cheeks!

Starfish Library…

A love of reading is the strongest predictor of academic success later in life. What a pleasure it is to have hundreds of books in our Starfish Lane Kids libraries! Taking turns, our children’s classes hear exciting stories and tales, as well as non-fiction to give them a well-rounded experience of books in our quiet and relaxed library. It’s well known that reading and listening to stories helps preschoolers to master language and basic speech skills, enhance their concentration, develop their imagination, promote literacy, expose them to new concepts and information and also contributes to their knowledge that reading is FUN! Your child is in good hands!

Fantastic Outside Places

We have plenty of outside places including sensory gardens, sandcastle play, fruit and veg planting, and great aqua-play systems. The sun-safe shaded play area has a great selection of play equipment and is a wonderful place to play and explore with your child’s friends.



With 10 years of experience, more than a thousand happy children have grown, played and developed in our award-winning & friendly Australian nurseries. Come and visit us to see why hundreds of parents have chosen Starfish Lane Kids.

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